Turning 40.

Today while shopping at Whole Foods, I had a conversation with a stranger.  The conversation made its way to how old I was.  I told her I was 41. Her eyes widened with surprise.  I thought she was going to ask me what I did to stay in shape or something similar. Instead she asked how did I mentally deal with turning 40.   She was turning 40 soon and had found herself struggling with it.  I want to share what I told her…Image

“Aging is an honor; this world is full of unexpected events that can end a life at any given time.  So embrace each and every day. It can be an adventure that we enjoy, or a struggle with oneself.  It is the strong and dedicated that age with grace, both physically and mentally.  Getting older does not mean there are limits to what you can do, for with age comes the confidence and experience to branch out and explore.   Decide to be fabulous at forty…get a mani/pedi, get a new haircut/color, buy a birthday outfit…and enjoy YOUR celebration of being you.”

It was not until about 7 weeks ago that I decided to start competing in the NPC and am loving every minute of it.  I complete against girls that are half my age, but I have the wisdom and experience now that I believe makes me stand taller and proud.  Don’t ever let your age be why you don’t do something.

3 thoughts on “Turning 40.

  1. Robin

    This is AWESOME and you are BEAUTIFUL, and this reminds me once again why I LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!!! As we go through life, everything we “carry” has both a weight and a price – because all relationships require INVESTMENT. It may be a few minutes each year to send a card or a note or a few hours to pick up the phone and “catch up” – but the more you invest in relationships up front or at one time, the easier they are to manage and maintain down the road. But no matter how much work you put into them or invest in them up front, they STILL require some effort to maintain over the years. Which is why we are ALWAYS having to figure out, what is worth keeping – what is the price of “maintaining” that relationship, versus it’s returned value to you – and what do we need to let go of, because the price of maintaining it is higher than it’s returned value. This is an ongoing process that includes friendships, relationships, memories and even tangible “stuff.”

    I am so, so, SO glad that I chose to “keep” you and that you chose to “keep” me!!! Keeping you as a friend is one of the very best choices I ever made – and I deeply hope I have been the kind of friend that allows you to say the same!! 🙂

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