Forging Steel Into Art.


In April, Jon (my husband) and I set out to learn how to blacksmith.  I had always wanted to learn this craft and I convinced Jon to go to The John Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. For a week, we escaped from the modern world and lost ourselves in the secluded mountains.   Every day we went to the Blacksmith Shop and learned the skills necessary to forge steel into art.  Our instructors guided us on proper equipment usage, and then pretty much set us free.  Besides breaking for homemade lunch and supper in the dining hall with all the other students, we worked non-stop.  For the first few days, Jon questioned if this was really a “vacation”.  But soon he found the peace in getting lost “creating”.  If you have never heard of the folk school, go to  I went there a few years back, and learned to silversmith.  They offer to many crafts/skills to mention, but you can get a free catalog and send hours looking over it.  I hope to return to improve my wood working skills in the near future.  Oh, and learn how to make pottery!  They have several lodging options.  The first time I went I stayed in The Keith House (dorm style) and this last time, Jon and I brought our camper.  FUN!  Hope you enjoy the following pictures.  Remember, it’s never to late to learn a new skill.





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