Homemade Halloween Decoration


I can’t believe it’s already October…and you know what that means…Halloween!  I have always loved decorating for Halloween.  But find that all the decorations in the stores are to expensive and cheap looking, so I made my own.  I thought I would give you some ideas, so you can do it to.  

Witches Brooms.



These are so easy to make.  Gather a bunch of small branches and a large one for the handle.  I am lucky that I have a nice big tree in the back to get my supplies.  But more than once, I have taken what I thought were perfect branches, from my neighbor’s garbage piles.  With black stray paint, paint the handle black.  With a glue gun, start to glue the smaller branches around what will be the bottom.  When you are happy with the thickness, wrap with trine…boom…you are done!

Grave Yard.



Using plywood, cut out several different headstone shapes.  Paint grey and then spray paint black around the edges to give some dimension. Then I print catchy names, and decoupage them on the headstone.  Use a 1×4, to make the part that goes in the ground (cut a point so it’s easier to get into the ground) and attach it to the back. I find it more spooky to put a few big tree limbs around the headstones.  Bones add a nice effect as well!

Wood Garland.





I salvaged some old hardwood floor planks and cut them into little blocks.  Decoupaged printed skulls on the back, and put store bought letters to spell out “run 4 your life”.  Quite fitting since we are a family that loves to run!  I splattered with red paint.  Using twine and a staple gun, I attached them together in three sections to fit between my 4 columns.  Make sure to spray with a sealer to make them water resistant.




Connect several long 2x4s attach together with 1x4s across the back.  Then cut into the shape of a coffin.  Cut out a cross and attach to front.  Use paint to put R.I.P.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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