Find Your Biggest Fan



In a world full of criticism and self doubt, there is nothing more important than surrounding yourself with those that believe in you and your dreams.  In that group of supporters, there is always one that is your “go to”.  For me, that is my husband, Jon Everson.  He has always been the heart beat of my many dreams, and without him, I would not be where I am today.   He shows support not only through his words, but very much with his actions.  As you can see from the photo above, he sports a Mexican cap.  Not because he is Mexican, but because he is proud that I am.  He goes to the gym with me the day after he runs a 50k, not because he needed it, but because he knew I needed him.  He tells it like it is, not what I want to hear.  He will be the first to tell me my strengths, and how to work on my weaknesses.  I have learned over the years, to put my stubborn nature aside and listen to his advise; 99% of the time he is right.  



He knows how to handle the crazy and obsessive parts of my character, and despite the “el diablo” that comes out in me from time to time, loves me for it.  He likes to call it passion.  He has been the constant in my life since the day I met him.  And he views my successes on stage as His successes.



A building would not stand, if not for a good foundation.  He is mine.  Find yours.  

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