It’s a Numbers game…and I love math!


It’s peak week.  The Arnold is 6 days away and I’m in full peak week mode.  For those that don’t know the game…this is the week that bodybuilders dial in regarding training and nutrition right before a competition.  Don’t do peak week right and all your hard work will not show on stage.  It is very important to hit set macros (carbs, fats, and proteins) right on.  Water is crucial.  And workouts key.  By this time in the game, your diet will make or break you.  I LOVE peak week.  Getting super excited to compete against the best amateurs in the world.  I have checked out some of the competition, when I say best in the world, it’s not an exaggeration.  About to cook my next meal!  Good times to all out there, prepping, building, or just enjoying the ride.

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