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Plan your Food…Even the Crazy Stuff

I recently met with a friend to help her with her nutrition.  And was blown away that her competition prep meals include nothing but tilapia and asparagus.  Don’t get me wrong, my prep includes those items, but it also includes a lot more different types of food.  Her post prep was a little more diverse, but not much.  And because she eats so restrictive, when she does eat crazy stuff she feels guilty.  She does 2 a day cardio.   She is eating below her BMR and then with the added cardio…she is getting way to few calories.  So her metabolism has slowed down to a snail pace.

You have to make sure that you are getting enough calories…and that your macros are balanced.  If you stay steady with these numbers, then when you are prepping for a show and reduce calories and/or increase your cardio, your body will respond. Otherwise, your body will fight you every step of the way.  Fat is not the enemy, fast food and processed food are.  Now one thing that I do to keep my sanity and enjoy my life…I plan everything.  Even my REFEED days (aka cheat days).  On those days, I eat whatever I want.  I don’t track it, I just let myself enjoy whatever it is I want.  If you stay on course all the other days, this one day will not wreck your progress.   

SO I want to drive home one point here.  When you plan your food (including refeed days)…even your refeed day can feel like a success after it’s all said and done.  Because you check it off the list of what you have planned.  

Enjoy your food, enjoy your refeeds, enjoy your life.   Happy bodybuilding.