Monthly Archives: October 2014

Losing is Part of the Game

At the Mid-Atlantic Classic Bodybuilding Show this weekend, I had several friends compete.  Although many didn’t place in the top 5 of their divisions, they are ALL winners in my eyes.  It takes a strong heart, a fierce mind, and tremendous dedication to even compete.  Walking on that stage is YOUR win.

This is a tough sport, and you aren’t always going to place high.  It is how you deal with defeat that will determine the outcome of your next competition. One of Two things will happen.  You will decide it was not as much fun or rewarding as you originally anticipated, and choose not to do it again.  Or you will decide you can’t wait until you can get on that stage again, a better version of yourself.

For those choosing the later, follow these simple steps…

1.  Let yourself be sad and disappointed.  But do it in private.  This is a very important step, you need to let yourself get all of the negative energy out.  We are only human.  For some this may be a good cry, for others it may be tearing a stuffed animal to shreds with a sharp knife.  Whatever it is for you, just do it…and then get over it.  Remember losing is part of the game.

2.  Lessons learned time.  What were the reasons for the loss? Lack of muscular development? To few carbs? Bad posing?  Make a list.  Look at pictures of those that did win.  What do they have that you didn’t.  A tighter booty? A better quad sweep? Broader shoulders?  Be subjective.

3.  Your list from step 2 is now your TO DO list.  Working on your physical weaknesses, while not neglecting your strengths.  Adjusting your diet.  Remember that changes do not happen over night, so make the game plan for the long term gains.  Have monthly goals broken down into weekly and then daily goals.

All those who have succeed in this sport, have also failed in this sport.  But real champions take something away from ALL experiences.    Happy Lifting.