When Times Get TOUGH, the TOUGH Get Going


When things are going great, it’s easy to draw from the positive energy around you.  But when they aren’t…it’s an entirely different story.  You have to find the strength and the courage to continue doing what you know must be done to accomplish your goals and it’s not easy.  Some days you will wonder what on earth you were thinking when you set these goals.  Some days you will see an easier less complicated path and wonder if you should change your course.  The average person will quit the fight.  But you aren’t the average person.  You must remember your heart lead you to a dream, your mind mapped out your plan, and your body is your instrument.  You are stronger than you think and must find the positive energy you need within yourself.  Punch negative energy in the face to shut up the doubt, the questions, and insecurities.  This is how success is obtained.  So repeat after me, “I am a champion”.  Now get down to business, focus on what needs to be done today, and do everything in your power to BE the positive energy you need.  In doing so, you will make things great for yourself, and you may very well be the positive energy for someone else.

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