Plan your Food…Even the Crazy Stuff

I recently met with a friend to help her with her nutrition.  And was blown away that her competition prep meals include nothing but tilapia and asparagus.  Don’t get me wrong, my prep includes those items, but it also includes a lot more different types of food.  Her post prep was a little more diverse, but not much.  And because she eats so restrictive, when she does eat crazy stuff she feels guilty.  She does 2 a day cardio.   She is eating below her BMR and then with the added cardio…she is getting way to few calories.  So her metabolism has slowed down to a snail pace.

You have to make sure that you are getting enough calories…and that your macros are balanced.  If you stay steady with these numbers, then when you are prepping for a show and reduce calories and/or increase your cardio, your body will respond. Otherwise, your body will fight you every step of the way.  Fat is not the enemy, fast food and processed food are.  Now one thing that I do to keep my sanity and enjoy my life…I plan everything.  Even my REFEED days (aka cheat days).  On those days, I eat whatever I want.  I don’t track it, I just let myself enjoy whatever it is I want.  If you stay on course all the other days, this one day will not wreck your progress.   

SO I want to drive home one point here.  When you plan your food (including refeed days)…even your refeed day can feel like a success after it’s all said and done.  Because you check it off the list of what you have planned.  

Enjoy your food, enjoy your refeeds, enjoy your life.   Happy bodybuilding.

Jr USA 2014 – My First National Show


My love affair with bodybuilding only gets more intense with each competition. I placed 3rd at my first national show, and I couldn’t be happier. With each day that has passed, I long to lift heavy, eat healthy, and grace the stage again. Nothing is more important than the support and love I receive each and everyday from my husband…who is the constant fire behind my goals.  image

I am in constant pursuit to make him proud.  After it is all said and done, as long as I am #1 in his eyes, I am a winner.


This is who he sees when he looks at me…imageimage     image

image He took these pictures of me after the show.


I love him more than words can describe. He works long and hard to support my dreams.  He takes me to the beach because he knows  the soothing sounds of the water brings me peace. He helps me to be a better person, not just a better bodybuilder.

If you want to grow…bigger muscles and a bigger heart, surround yourself with love. Happy lifting.

image    image

Fearless Instinct


Today’s bodybuilding inspiration for the day, comes courtesy of my sweet chihuahua, George.  Yesterday he got in a fight with a lab trying to protect me; and as we waited in the vet emergency room for the results of his X-rays, I struggled with possibly loosing him.  I sat there desperately looking for a lesson to learn from this awful situation.

Then last night while laying in bed, with him in my arms sleeping soundly, it came to me.

George knows know fear.  He does not take his 5 lb small size into consideration.  He thinks with his heart. 

He saw what he perceived as a threat to his master and without hesitation or thought, protected me; his most prized possession.  He paid no regard to the size difference between a lab and himself.  His fearless instinct kicked in and he did what he thought he had to do .

Why don’t we take on life like George?  Risking it all for what me love…not caring that our opponent is bigger, taller, or stronger than us.  Just knowing that our heart rules our mind.  If you have a big heart and believe in yourself…you can will into existence that which we seek.

So I will take George’s lead, I will apply his actions to my training.  

My fearless instinct will be silent no longer.  

I will know no fear.


I am glad you are feeling better George.  I love you…and thank you for your loyalty and inspiration.

“coming in last”

It’s ok.  I’ve been there.  And I am sure I will be there again.  The first triathlon I did, I came in almost dead last in the swim portion among all the competitors, male and female, young and old.  At the Arnold Amateur, I came in 31st among 34 competitors.  It was not a good feeling, but it was a feeling I embraced.  

After getting out of the water at that first triathlon, I was so disappointed in myself I could not think straight.  I got on my bike and rode like my life depended on it,  and then when I hit the road for my run, I ran the whole run not even paying mind to the physical pain I was experiencing.  In the end I was one of the fasted bikes and runs in the women’s division, and over all was pleased with my performance.  Vowing to improve my swim.  In June, I will do another tri, and you can bet I am practicing on my swim.  

After leaving the Arnold Amateur stage, I thought of all the mistakes I had made.  All the things I didn’t do right. And all the ways I would never let myself be so unprepared again.  When we returned home after that trip, I looked to see when there was another competition, and started planning my workouts, my eating schedule, and my posing practice.  I will be doing the North Carolina States and the Charlotte Cup this month.

You can do one of two things when you come in last…one you can quit. You can say, well maybe this just isn’t for me, maybe I should pick another hobby, maybe I don’t ever want to feel like a loser again.  Or you can say, I am ready to honestly look at myself, my physique…my performance…my weaknesses, and improve them.  You can say that you are the under dog that will come out on top at the end of the movie, because you have heart…you have dedication…you have desire.  You have the raw fire, that instead of scares you, fuels you to be a greater version of yourself.

So don’t ever let “coming in last” keep you last.  

Be the last to leave the gym.

Be the last to quit.

Be the last to give up on yourself.

Be the last one standing.

It’s a Numbers game…and I love math!


It’s peak week.  The Arnold is 6 days away and I’m in full peak week mode.  For those that don’t know the game…this is the week that bodybuilders dial in regarding training and nutrition right before a competition.  Don’t do peak week right and all your hard work will not show on stage.  It is very important to hit set macros (carbs, fats, and proteins) right on.  Water is crucial.  And workouts key.  By this time in the game, your diet will make or break you.  I LOVE peak week.  Getting super excited to compete against the best amateurs in the world.  I have checked out some of the competition, when I say best in the world, it’s not an exaggeration.  About to cook my next meal!  Good times to all out there, prepping, building, or just enjoying the ride.

Asking for Help…

People are our greatest resource.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Most of us in the bodybuilding/fitness world LOVE to share our knowledge and experience.  I have a close friend that recently asked me to help her, and I can’t tell you how happy it made me.  Honestly, I had been waiting for her to ask, or secretly hoping that she would.  Now we are working together, and I am very excited for her.  Wednesday we met at the gym, went over her goals for the week, and she did her first upper body workout.  I was so proud of her, after my initial workout with her…she asked for more exercises.  Great things are going to happen for this person, because her heart is open.

I am helping out another friend this evening with her posing.  Very excited!

In this world, filled with people, it is very easy to feel alone.  But you don’t have to, we can be there for each other, help each other, support each other, encourage each other.  Sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly.  So don’t be afraid to ask for help…

Spread the love.  xo.


Don’t ever quit. Don’t ever stop believing that you are stronger, faster, crazier. Don’t ever let the victories that aren’t yours, keep you from achieving your own. When life tells you this is not day, use that disappointment to MAKE THE NEXT ONE YOURS!