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Fearless Instinct


Today’s bodybuilding inspiration for the day, comes courtesy of my sweet chihuahua, George.  Yesterday he got in a fight with a lab trying to protect me; and as we waited in the vet emergency room for the results of his X-rays, I struggled with possibly loosing him.  I sat there desperately looking for a lesson to learn from this awful situation.

Then last night while laying in bed, with him in my arms sleeping soundly, it came to me.

George knows know fear.  He does not take his 5 lb small size into consideration.  He thinks with his heart. 

He saw what he perceived as a threat to his master and without hesitation or thought, protected me; his most prized possession.  He paid no regard to the size difference between a lab and himself.  His fearless instinct kicked in and he did what he thought he had to do .

Why don’t we take on life like George?  Risking it all for what me love…not caring that our opponent is bigger, taller, or stronger than us.  Just knowing that our heart rules our mind.  If you have a big heart and believe in yourself…you can will into existence that which we seek.

So I will take George’s lead, I will apply his actions to my training.  

My fearless instinct will be silent no longer.  

I will know no fear.


I am glad you are feeling better George.  I love you…and thank you for your loyalty and inspiration.

New River Trail 50K


This will be the 3rd year Jon and I attend the New River Trail 50K ultra run.  The first year, without much training, I did it in 5:54:50.   My strategy was how many 10 minute miles can I do.  I followed a simple formula:  every 1/2 mile drink water, and every half hour eat (I alternated between bean burritos and gu).  Below is a picture of my homemade burritos.



The 2nd year I trained, and my marathon split was 4:28:07, and overall time was 5:22:46.  I followed the same simple formula described above.   Jon finished before I did, and made sure George was at the finish line to greet me.


Unfortunately, due to an upcoming NPC Competition, I will not be running this year.  But I will be there to support Jon and volunteer.   I am also making 2 of the Awards for the Category Winners.  I love silversmithing and running, so was very excited to make these.   I start with sheet plate sterling silver, stamp and cut pieces, then solder, drill hole, add jump ring, acid, and then polish.



Finished product.






For those of you who have never done an ultra run, it is quite a thrilling feeling.  Not just finishing, but embracing your inner strength and conquering 32.2 miles in a single bound.  Like all goals accomplished in life, it fills up your “I can do anything I set my mind to” tank, and spills over into all areas of your life.   Happy Running.

Being Small Does Not Mean You Can't Win BIG.

My Grandma (who was 4’10”) used to always tell me, great things come in small packages. As I am preparing for my next competition in October, I remind myself often of her wise words. I may be small, but there is nothing small about the way I train, the way I eat, and the way I pose. Bringing your best package to the stage, regardless of your size, should always be the goal. Aim for the sky ladies and gentlemen.