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Jennifer Everson IFBB Pro

team u model pose

Team Universe, July 4-5, 2014.  I may not have been sitting in a lawn chair watching fireworks in the sky…but you better believe I made some fireworks of my own on stage.  I competed in the 40+, 35+, and open Figure Class A.  I won my IFBB Pro card in the 35+ division.  The entire trip was FABULOUS.  

We drove to New Jersey from North Carolina, and in between my napping, Papi (my awesome Fireman Hubby) and I discussed the upcoming competition.  I didn’t diet down as hard for this show, allowing me to come in a little fuller…which is what he said I needed to do to win, and he was right. I ate every 2 hrs when my alarm went off, despite not being hungry.  I loved the road trip, with my 3 chihuahuas sleeping soundly on my lap, and my biggest fan at the wheel.


team u back team u front

Prejudging on Friday went very well.  I made 1st call outs in all 3 divisions.  And I was in 2nd position for both masters divisions…with the same competitor in 1st.  And it appeared I was in 4th for the open.  I was super impressed with myself for that, because those young ladies were on fire!  Stiff competition for sure.  So anyone who competes knows how you play all this out in your head. It was my first 2 day show, so I had a whole evening, night, and morning to think about it.  A pro card goes to 1st in each class…Melissa was 1st in 40+ and 35+…if I am in 2nd…she gets her pro card in 40+…I get my pro card in 35+.  Papi did his best to keep me focused and happy.  

The team meeting on Saturday wasn’t until 4pm.  So there was no rush…woke up, ate, Papi tanned me, and I relaxed.  As we drove to the competition, the excitement started to kick in.  I’m not gonna lie…I could feel that it was my time.  I had so much fun with the other competitors back stage.  I even rapped my “get pumped” song to a room full of people…it made everyone laugh.  So it was totally worth making a fool of myself.  Then it was time for 40+ division.  Standing on stage as they called out 5th, 4th, 3rd, and then in 2nd place – Jennifer Everson.  It was at that moment I knew…in about 15 mins, I’m going to be an IFBB PRO!!!  With the biggest smile ever, I walked to the back, put my trophy in my bag, and went back to get ready for 35+ division.  And then they called top five winners, announcing your new IFBB Pro – Jennifer Everson.  I was so excited I almost jumped up and down…but contained myself.  As soon as we walked off stage, I ran out to find Papi.  We embraced and he told me how proud he was of me…and then I had to get back in the line up for the Open Class A.  I got 4th and was super happy with that…as I am old enough to have most of them call me MAMA.

As if becoming a pro was not enough, I got to meet my bodybuilding idol Bev Francis.  And on Monday, we went to work out at her gym East Coast Mecca/Powerhouse Gym…and who was there?  None other than the KIA GREENE!



I would have never thought I would be where I am today. But here I am. Confident in my journey…for I left no stone unturned. Last August when I started all of this, I was unsure of where this road would lead, but Papi knew. And so he pushed me. He believed in me. He supported me.  I may have only been competing for less than a year…but I assure you I had prepared for this my whole life.  Looking back at the days of lifting weights in my garage in high school while everyone else was going out…it was 25+ years in the making.  As I write this, I hope that any bodybuilder, male or female; young or old; never stops believing in how great they can be.  
team u papi 

 — with Jon Everson.


Plan your Food…Even the Crazy Stuff

I recently met with a friend to help her with her nutrition.  And was blown away that her competition prep meals include nothing but tilapia and asparagus.  Don’t get me wrong, my prep includes those items, but it also includes a lot more different types of food.  Her post prep was a little more diverse, but not much.  And because she eats so restrictive, when she does eat crazy stuff she feels guilty.  She does 2 a day cardio.   She is eating below her BMR and then with the added cardio…she is getting way to few calories.  So her metabolism has slowed down to a snail pace.

You have to make sure that you are getting enough calories…and that your macros are balanced.  If you stay steady with these numbers, then when you are prepping for a show and reduce calories and/or increase your cardio, your body will respond. Otherwise, your body will fight you every step of the way.  Fat is not the enemy, fast food and processed food are.  Now one thing that I do to keep my sanity and enjoy my life…I plan everything.  Even my REFEED days (aka cheat days).  On those days, I eat whatever I want.  I don’t track it, I just let myself enjoy whatever it is I want.  If you stay on course all the other days, this one day will not wreck your progress.   

SO I want to drive home one point here.  When you plan your food (including refeed days)…even your refeed day can feel like a success after it’s all said and done.  Because you check it off the list of what you have planned.  

Enjoy your food, enjoy your refeeds, enjoy your life.   Happy bodybuilding.

Jr USA 2014 – My First National Show


My love affair with bodybuilding only gets more intense with each competition. I placed 3rd at my first national show, and I couldn’t be happier. With each day that has passed, I long to lift heavy, eat healthy, and grace the stage again. Nothing is more important than the support and love I receive each and everyday from my husband…who is the constant fire behind my goals.  image

I am in constant pursuit to make him proud.  After it is all said and done, as long as I am #1 in his eyes, I am a winner.


This is who he sees when he looks at me…imageimage     image

image He took these pictures of me after the show.


I love him more than words can describe. He works long and hard to support my dreams.  He takes me to the beach because he knows  the soothing sounds of the water brings me peace. He helps me to be a better person, not just a better bodybuilder.

If you want to grow…bigger muscles and a bigger heart, surround yourself with love. Happy lifting.

image    image

Asking for Help…

People are our greatest resource.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Most of us in the bodybuilding/fitness world LOVE to share our knowledge and experience.  I have a close friend that recently asked me to help her, and I can’t tell you how happy it made me.  Honestly, I had been waiting for her to ask, or secretly hoping that she would.  Now we are working together, and I am very excited for her.  Wednesday we met at the gym, went over her goals for the week, and she did her first upper body workout.  I was so proud of her, after my initial workout with her…she asked for more exercises.  Great things are going to happen for this person, because her heart is open.

I am helping out another friend this evening with her posing.  Very excited!

In this world, filled with people, it is very easy to feel alone.  But you don’t have to, we can be there for each other, help each other, support each other, encourage each other.  Sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly.  So don’t be afraid to ask for help…

Spread the love.  xo.


Don’t ever quit. Don’t ever stop believing that you are stronger, faster, crazier. Don’t ever let the victories that aren’t yours, keep you from achieving your own. When life tells you this is not day, use that disappointment to MAKE THE NEXT ONE YOURS!